Why I call myself Caleb Electric Brain

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Hi my name is Caleb and I have an electric brain. And so do you.


Our brains send electrical currents from itself to the nerves in our body and tells our muscles what to do. The brain is quite extraordinary.

When I was little, at the age of one, our family was traveling together when a semi hit and tore apart our car. The accident gave me a traumatic brain injury. The injury has forced upon me quite a few limits. But I’m not willing to let that prevent me from doing what I want to do, because my electric brain still works – and it works good.

I have had a long and difficult road to recovery, but I am constantly amazed by the progress I can continue to make as time goes by. There have been many times during my life when my recovery would plateau. I thought I would have to live with that level of recovery for the rest of my life. Then, we would receive new information or be able to try a new technique and I would recover even more.

This recovery didn’t come easily though. I had to work extremely hard. It was only with lots of time and great determination that I have been able to get to the point where I am today. That’s why I love running so much. It’s a physical reminder of just how far I’ve come.

Life with traumatic brain injury can be difficult, but the proper tools and support make it easier.

I know how hard it can be to deal with TBI challenges on a daily basis. Sometimes I get frustrated by my limitations. But my life doesn’t have to be defined by traumatic brain injury. I am constantly learning new things and recovering in new ways.

I have already come so far and that gives me hope for the future. I believe that through the power of gratitude, I will be able to live a full life, no matter what limitations I have.

I am graduating from high school soon.

Right now, what I want to do the most is spread awareness of TBI survivors. One of my favorite ways to raise awareness for traumatic brain injury survivors is by running. Despite my injury, I feel lucky to have such a healthy mind and body. Running and participating in races allows me to celebrate my progress, express appreciation for those who have helped me over the years, and to encourage others to push themselves to find their potential. Come join me and show support for TBI survivors.

TBI survivors deal with various limits, but so does everyone else. Let’s all put our electric brains together and help each other out so we can expand those limits, and together we can all succeed in the the race of life.

Let’s win this race.

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