How it all started…

How it all started…

When I was a baby I suffered a traumatic brain injury and barely survived. One year after my injury a nurse called my grandma to follow up and learn how I was doing. This nurse explained she had a role in saving my life.

I’ve heard her story many times growing up and now that I’m a senior in high school I wanted to tell her thank you. But we had lost track of her. I didn’t even know her name.

On December 5, 2017 I sent out a call on Facebook to find this nurse who helped saved my life.

Then something amazing happened.


Millions of people came together to help me

People shared my video. Tens of thousands, then millions of people viewed it. They came together to help me say thank you. The video was viewed over 52 million times and it was shared over 1.5 million times. Within a few hours I learned the name of the nurse who saved me.

Her name was Dennie. She was a skilled nurse and impacted many lives. I was heartbroken to learn she passed away years ago. However, something completely unexpected happened because so many people shared my video.


I found dozens of people who saved me that day

Dozens of nurses, doctors, first responders, and firefighters reached out to me and said they remembered me and my family. They remembered our accident. I knew saying thank you over social media wasn’t enough. I had to tell them thank you face to face. So I flew to Texas with my family. You can learn more about my Texas trip here.


Now I want to help others have a positively charged mind

I got a second chance at life because dozens of people helped save me and my brain that day. Now I want to use my life to help others take care of their brains and develop a positively charged mind. Learn more about how to have a healthy and happy mind: How to positively charge your mind

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