How to play “Arch”

Hi! I’m Caleb Electric Brain! I’m at TBI survivor, and I play sports. Today, I’m going to teach you how to play a family sport on the trampoline. It was invented by my uncle, Tom Skousen, and his cousin, Vance Andersen. This game is called “Arch”.

Here’s the rules to the game, as well as some brain strengthening variations of the game.

The Rules of “Arch”

Object of the Game

Be the first player to get 11 points.

Needed Items

  1. Trampoline
    • A rectangular trampoline is ideal, but a circular one will also work.
  2. Ball of your choice
    • Volleyball (Easy)
    • Soccer ball ([Official ball] Medium)
    • Tennis ball (Advanced)
  3. Two players
  4. String or tape (optional)



  • Secure the string or tape on the trampoline, so that it divides the trampoline in half. Or, you may set an imaginary dividing line instead. If you are using a rectangular trampoline, place the line along the width of it.
  • Each player stands on the trampoline, on opposite sides of the dividing line.
  • The youngest person serves first.



As both players jump on the trampoline, the server toss the ball. The ball is then tossed in the air from one side of trampoline, to the other, until the ball hits the trampoline or the ground. During the rally, each player must keep these rules:

  • Catch and Toss
    • The players may not hit the ball. When the ball is on one player’s side, that player must catch it, and then toss it back up.
  • Visible Arch
    • The ball must form a visible arch, meaning an up & down motion, in the air, after leaving a player’s hands. If the ball moves in a flat or downward motion, without an upward motion in the air beforehand, that is a violation.
  • 1 Bounce
    • When a player catches the ball, he/she may bounce once, and only once, before tossing it up again. However, he/she does not have to take the bounce if he/she doesn’t want to.

Violation of Rules

  • If a player violates any of these three rules, the issue is first discussed. If the players agree that there was in fact a rule violation, the violator’s opponent receives a point.



While playing, the players may use tricks with the ball in hopes of deceiving his/her opponent, and making the ball land on his/her opponent’s side of the trampoline. This could be things like throwing the ball high in the air or looking in one direction while throwing the ball in the other. Players may make up their own tricks as long as they keep the other rules.



  1. When the ball lands on a player’s side of the trampoline, that is in, and his/her opponent receives a point.
  2. If the ball lands off the trampoline, on a player’s side, that is out, and the opponent of the player who touched the ball last, receives a point.
  3. If the ball lands on the rim, and rolls onto the trampoline, that is in.
  4. If the ball lands on the rim, and rolls off the trampoline, that is out.
  5. If a trampoline with a safety net is used for this game, and the ball touches the net, that is out.
  6. If a player violates a rule, the issue is first discussed. If the players agree that there was in fact a rule violation, the violator’s opponent receives a point.
  7. If the ball lands directly on the dividing line, no one receives a point, and the rally is redone.

Once it has been determined who the point belongs to, the player who received the point serves next.


Game End

The first player to get 11 points wins.


Game Variations for Brain Strengthening

Bouncing Variations

  • Players must both bounce on their backs, knees, or stomachs.


Alphabet Fun

  • Single Letter
    • At the beginning of the game, the player with the biggest hands chooses a letter of the alphabet.
    • Each time a player tosses the ball, he/she must say a word beginning with the letter that was chosen. For example, if the chosen letter was “H”, the game could go like this: Player 1: Horse Player 2: Hockey Player 1: Helmet Player 2: How
      • Neither player may say the previous word again.
    • Difficulty levels
      • Level 1 – Players may not toss the ball until he/she says a matching word, regardless of how many bounces the player must take.
      • Level 2 – Players may only take one bounce before tossing the ball, and saying a matching word. If a player is unable to do so, the players follow the violation rule in this game’s main rules above.
    • Neither player may break any of the other rules.
    • For an extra challenge, only let each player say a verb beginning with the matching letter.


  • Down the Alphabet We Go
    • This variation is very similar to “Single Letter”. Instead of picking one letter to use, the players go back and forth down the letters of the alphabet, beginning with the letter “A”. For example, the game could go like this: Player 1: Apple Player 2: Bear Player 1: Could Player 2: Donut
    • At the beginning of each rally, the server starts with the letter where the players left off at.
    • When the players complete the alphabet, they don’t end the rally, but simply restart the words at the letter “A”.
    • For an extra challenge, start with the letter “Z” and go up the alphabet.

All other rules are the same as the “Single Letter” variation.

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