3 Spanish Learning Techniques

Hi! I’m Caleb Electric Brain! I’m a TBI, and I speak Spanish (a little bit). According to extraclass.it, “Because language is complex, speaking or learning a foreign language gives your brain a good workout.” (Here’s the link that website.) So today, I’m going teach you 3 techniques I use to help me learn Spanish.

(Psst. There’s a video down below if you would rather not read all of this :-))

Now, don’t get me wrong: When I first started learning Spanish, I had a very hard time pronouncing most of the words.

As hard as it may be though, it’s really good for your brain. Not only will it help your brain, but you’ll be able to speak in a different language! How cool is that?! So, let’s learn these techniques.

  1. The first things I use, are 2 different Spanish learning apps.
    • They are called DuoLingo and ConjuGato. They are available on Apple and Android phones, and are both free. However, you may also pay for a premium version of each.

    • DuoLingo helps you to easily learn new words and everyday phrases.


    • ConjuGato on the other hand, takes Spanish verbs, and teaches you the different conjugations, or forms, of each verb.
    • I have found both of these apps to be very helpful!
  1. The second thing I do, is read children’s stories in Spanish.
    • How I like to do this, is to read one sentence in Spanish, and then translate it to English, before moving on to the next sentence.
    • When you start learning a new language, you will learn the basic words and phrases. So, children’s stories are a good way to start practicing the language.
    • Also, it would be smart to read out-loud, so that your mouth gets used to pronouncing the words.
  2. The third technique I use, is to speak Spanish I’ve learned in regular conversations with other Spanish speakers. (In my case, my parents.)
    • This will help you practice getting your thoughts into spoken Spanish, and will sometimes help you learn more words.
    • It might be hard at first, so, be patient with yourself.

After a while of practice, you’ll start to get the hang of things. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll have perfect fluency. I’m still not anywhere near perfect anything. But, by using these techniques, learning Spanish is starting to get easier for me. And guess what. With time and effort, it can get easier for you too. So, practice, practice, practice!

Thank for reading this post. I’m interested to know what you guys want me to show next time. Post in the comments an idea you have on one of these 4 topics, and I might show it in my next video. Here are the topics:

  • Physical fitness,
  • Healthy diet
  • Brain exercises
  • Lots of rest.

I look forward to your responses! Please stay safe. I’ll see you later.

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