Hi! I’m Caleb Electric Brain! I’m a TBI, and I speak Spanish (a little bit). According to extraclass.it, “Because language is complex, speaking or learning a foreign language gives your brain a good workout.” (Here’s the link that website.) So today, I’m going teach you 3 techniques I use to help me learn Spanish. (Psst. […]

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Hi! I’m Caleb Electric Brain! I’m at TBI survivor, and I play sports. Today, I’m going to teach you how to play a family sport on the trampoline. It was invented by my uncle, Tom Skousen, and his cousin, Vance Andersen. This game is called “Arch”. Here’s the rules to the game, as well as […]


How to play “Arch”

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Hi! I’m Caleb Electric Brain! I’m a TBI survivor, and I play the Ukulele! Today, I’m with brother Andre Jared Johnson.  He has an online course, where he teaches people how to play different strumming patterns on the ukulele. It called Confident Strum the Ukulele. You can go check it out here. “But how can […]

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Hi! I’m Caleb Electric Brain! I’m a TBI survivor, and a cook. Today, I’m going teach you how to make Homemade Granola Bars. I did tweak this recipe a little bit make it more healthy, and also to help the bars keep their shape, but they’re still very good. In this post, I’ll teach you […]


How to Make Homemade Granola Bars

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How it all started… When I was a baby I suffered a traumatic brain injury and barely survived. One year after my injury a nurse called my grandma to follow up and learn how I was doing. This nurse explained she had a role in saving my life. I’ve heard her story many times growing […]

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Want to Learn More About Traumatic Brain Injury? I have a traumatic brain injury. It is a result of the car accident I was in when I was 13 months old. Life with traumatic brain injury has not been easy, but I am so grateful for everything I have learned. My sister wrote this eBook […]

TBI Info

For the Loved Ones of Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors Ebook

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Finding the people who saved me I was in a car accident when I was a baby 17 years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I shared a video on December 5, 2017 trying to find the nurse who saved my life after the accident. In looking for 1 nurse, I found dozens of […]

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Hi, I’m Marcia, Caleb’s second mom. Raising a child who experienced great trauma, both physical and emotional, obviously had some challenges. Many people have asked me how I did it and I always say the first step is to take it one day at a time. But the second thing I’ve learned is that when […]

Brain Exercises

Top Ten Books for Emotional and Physical Healing

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How to positively charge your mind I’m Caleb and I’m lucky to be alive. Because of the dozens of people who saved me and rehabilitated me after my traumatic brain injury, I lead a happy and healthy life. My secret? A positively charged mind. Here are the three steps to having a positively charged mind. […]

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When I was one, I was in a car accident that caused traumatic brain injury. Before that accident, I was just taking my first steps. After it, I was like a newborn again. My sister, Kirsten, said: “When Caleb finally came home from the hospital, we had just put up the Christmas trees. He looked […]

My Life

Learning to Walk Again with a TBI Plus Latest Updates

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